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Shampoo - UpCircle


- A hybrid of liquid and solid.

- Its concentrated formula delivers THREE times the washes of a liquid shampoo! There is less waste than a shampoo bar usually due to the last slithers of the shampoo bar often being wasted.

- This is the type of product that once used will likely mean you never go back to liquid shampoo!

- In addition, our vegan shampoo is suitable for all hair types. Due to the carefully curated formula, it has an exceptionally gentle effect on the hair and is very mild on the skin and eyes. It also works well in soft and hard water.

- Suitable for afro hair, colour treated hair, dry and greasy hair. 

- Described as "a revelation" by The Telegraph as well as being awarded as a Top Santé Best Buy. Also featured in Natural Products News, Woman's Own, Black Beauty & Hair and Your London.

- 100ml


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