men's grooming: vetiver & sandalwood

men's grooming: vetiver & sandalwood

£5.00 GBP

Cleansing body bar: 200 g 

Infused with the earthy scent of vetiver and sandalwood. The triple-milled formula is fortified with hemp oil to moisturise your skin without drying or irritation.

Hair&body wash: 200 ml

The sulphate-free formula contains magnesium, essential for skin cells to keep their optimal energy level.

Eau De Toilette: 100 ml

This charismatic and contemporary masculine scent blends the rich, earthy tones of vetiver and sandalwood with vibrant citrus top notes.

Shave cream: 150 ml

Made with aloe vera and hemp oil, it softens facial hair and gently lubricates for a smoother, easier shave.

Aftershave balm: 100 ml