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Rococo chocolate


Lemon&poppyseed white chocolate 28% cocoa: Zingy lemon with creamy white chocolate, a poppy seed crunch and a touch of sea salt.

Salted Caramel milk chocolate 37% cocoa: Caramelised sugar combines with a unique milk chocolate blend, including Madagascan beans, for rich  caramel notes and a subtle salt finish.

Organic Sea salt, Almond and rosemary milk chocolate 40% cocoa: Smooth milk chocolate with a crunch of salted rosemary almonds.

Chocolate orange 40% cocoa: Smooth and creamy milk chocolate flavoured with orange and mandarin oils.

Organic Crystallised ginger dark chocolate 65% cocoa: A traditional old favourite. (Vegan)

Organic Rose dark chocolate 65% cocoa: The rose oils delicate perfume suffuses the dark chocolate. (Vegan)

Organic Violet Dark chocolate 65%: A magical combination. Violet oil is highly perfumed with fruity base notes. (Vegan)