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Scented Pillar Candles


Key Details: 

Fragrances: Nocturne, Eden & Cashmere. 

100% handmade from locally sourced ingredients in Lancashire.


Comes packaged in its own box.

Marble coasters sold separately. 

Sold individually. 


Nocturne (Black): Perfect all year round. Warm, aromatic seeds, clove bud, amber, vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood. 

Eden (Green): Perfect for spring and summer.  Herbs, spices, precious woods and fig.

Cashmere (Linen): Creating warmth and comfort. Bergamot, peach, jasmine, rose, amber, cedar, sandalwood with musk and vanilla.

Extra Information: 

Keep your wick trimmed to 4 mm.

Candle-wick has a tendency to curl over at the top. Be sure to cut this before lighting to help your candle burn evenly.

Avoid all secondary heat sources e.g. radiators and fireplaces, extra heat could make your candle unstable, resulting in rapid burn or collapse.

Do not add additional oils.

Place on a suitable holder large enough to collect any molten wax.


Height - 10cm x Diameter - 10cm