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Brown & Drury

Brown & Drury Zen Candle and Diffuser




Brown & Drury candles are hand poured in Warwickshire, UK, using 100% natural soy wax which allows your candle to produce a strong and pure scent throw creating the perfect calm ambiance for your home.

40 hour burn time.

Size: 220g.


Brown & Drury diffusers are a great way to add a beautiful constant scent to surround your room. The reeds we use are designed not to clog, with a porous structure that will control a reliable rate of fragrance release.

Let the reeds absorb naturally diffusing the scent into your room.

Size: 100g. 


Scent Family: Oriental

The wonderful earthy aroma of patchouli transports you to spiritual zen depths. This scent weaves with soft jasmine and sandalwood over a musk and vanilla base surrounding your home with a warm, calming energy.

Top Notes: Mandarin, clove

Heart Notes: Patchouli, jasmine, amber

Base Notes: Musk, sandalwood, vanilla