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Iconoclast Candle


Key Details: 

Commucci candles is partnered with 'one tree planted' which is a non profit organisation, where one tree is planted for every candle that is sold.


Spiritual incense & lingering cedar wood meld seamlessly with creamy undertones of sandalwood & bright fresh vetiver. 

The candle comes with a small box of matches and a wick cutter.

100% natural soy wax candles with a cotton wick.

Burn time: 45 hours (approx).


Top Notes - Bergamot, lemon, clementine

Middle Notes - Lavender, cinnamon, saffron, nutmeg

Base Notes - Sandalwood, vetiver, amber

Extra Information: 

To fully enjoy your candle and guarantee optimal use we recommend you do as follows:

Wicks should be trimmed regularly (preferably with wick trimmers) and not exceed 0.5 cm. Allowing the wick to stay long may make the candle smoke. 

On the first burning of your candle allow the whole of the wax surface to melt to the edge of the glass. This allows the future burnings to follow the first melt and avoid tunnelling)

Once the whole surface is a melted wax it is best not to burn for more than one hour
(a candle that burns for too long may over heat.)

When the candle is 1cm away from the bottom of its jar it should be extinguished
(it may become too hot and crack the glass.)

Between each burning session try to keep the wick central and upright. (Allows for a better and even burn each time.)

Regularly wipe the inside of the glass, when the wax is hard. This helps to avoid the appearance and build up of soot.

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