Up Circle Face Scrubs
Up Circle Face Scrubs
Up Circle Face Scrubs
Up Circle Face Scrubs
Up Circle Face Scrubs
Up Circle Face Scrubs

Up Circle Face Scrubs

£14.50 GBP

Created with repurposed Arabica coffee grounds sourced from artisan London cafes.

Gently buffs away dead skin, dry skin.

Sustainable, vegan, cruelty free and UK made.

Aluminium tube is fully recyclable.

This face scrub is also free from toxic plastic micro-beads.

Floral blend:

  • For sensitive skin
  • Chamomile, rose-hip, geranium and patchouli essential oils
  • Chamomile and shea butter nourish and moisturise the skin post-scrub

Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile soothes redness and irritation, making an ideal remedy for skin complaints such as rosacea, acne and psoriasis. 

Rich in vitamins E and B, jojoba oil deeply moisturises, helping dry dehydrated skin to regain hydration.

Citrus blend:

  • For dry and dehydrated skin
  • Rose-hip, sweet orange and lemon verbena essential oils
  • Rose-hip oil and shea butter to moisturise post-scrub

Orange oil acts as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, perfect for soothing redness and irritation, whilst uplifting lemon verbena helps to tone the skin.

Strong antiseptic properties, can help to treat acne and spots for a clearer complexion.

Herbal blend:

  • For oily and combination skin
  • Tea tree oil helps fight spots, acne and breakouts
  • With rosemary, thyme, petitgrain and tea tree essential oils

A powerful antibacterial and antiseptic, rosemary oil helps keep whiteheads, blackheads and acne away.

 Face Scrubs: 100ml