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Abahna Bath Foams


Key Description:

Fragrances: Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot and White Grapefruit and May Chang. 


Envelop yourself in drifts of fragrant bubbles with this luxurious bath foam, blended with fragrance and essential oils to turn your bath into a feast for the senses. Made with wild flower honey, aloe vera and chamomile to protect the skin and leave your body soft and glowing.

Size: 500ml

Sold individually. 

Also available in this range: Soaps, Hand Lotions, Hand Washes, Body Lotions and Shower Gels. 


Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot: This sweet citrus oil with floral notes and the naturally calming bergamot oil  from the peel of a small green citrus fruit.

White Grapefruit and May Chang: A citrus fragrance, with mix of zesty white grapefruit and piquant may chang.