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Knitted Animals


Gogo-olive is a charity in Zimbabwe.

Creates jobs for women and gives them the opportunity to earn a living wage sufficient for them and their family to live comfortably.

Gogo-olive also provides training skills in budgeting and saving, and due to the unpredictable financial situation in Zimbabwe is very important. 

Each animal is crochet by hand and individually named after the lady who knitted them.

They are then tagged with the name and a photo of the lady who knitted them.

Hand knitted with a mix of acrylic and cotton yarns and stuffed with a polyester toy stuffing.

CE tested.

Wash by gentle sponge cleaning.

Each animal is knitted with a sweater on to keep them warm, the colours may vary.

Due to the handmade nature of the toy, the size and colour will vary.

Approximately 25 cm 


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